About the Africa Lawtech Festival 2021

The Africa Law Tech Festival is an annual conference designed to appeal to a wide array of players in the legal tech space through a multifaceted approach to conferencing. The Festival brings together like-minded individuals to lead idea-focused conversations and further innovation.
In the year 2020, the Lawyers Hub Kenya convened over 1200 delegates from 20+ countries, with 48 sessions over 6 days at the inaugural version of the Festival. The conference resulted in rapid tech solutions under the Global Legal Hackathon and policy briefs for the African Continent on Artificial Intelligence, Digital Identity and Data Governance, Tech and Migration, and Taxing the Digital Economy. Delegates left with fresh perspectives, experiences and networks.
This year’s festival theme; Digital Policy for Economic Growth, is inspired by the rapid growth of the tech policy landscape on the continent. The Festival will take the form of a virtual event, running from the 5th to the 9th of July 2021 and pivot around 5 summits with distinct sub-themes:
  1. Internet Governance and Content Moderation
  2. Startups and Digital Trade
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Ethics
  4. Digital Identity and Privacy
  5. Blockchain and Digital Currencies
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